Digital Forensics for Cyber Resilience in the Mid-Sized Market

ONLINE WORKSHOP | Tuesday 12/3/19 11a ET 

In the post-breach world, not having protection is not an option. 

Join us for our "Digital Forensics for Cyber Resilience in the Mid-sized Market" webinar workshop on December 3rd at 11a (ET). CyFIR Founder, Ben Cotton, will be discussing how you can protect your company during the following use cases: 

  • IP Protection 
  • Malware Response 
  • Internal Investigations 
  • HR Issues

Compromise happens daily, and if you’re not prepared, the breach could cause irreparable damage to your corporate value. CyFIR exists to discover and react to breaches that have bypassed other layers of defense. Through our tiered managed service, CyFIR Instant Response makes cyber security monitoring and threat hunting affordable, allowing you protect your intellectual property, customers, and stakeholders in a way previously accessible to only large enterprises. With CyFIR, detection and mitigation happen up to 31 times faster, reducing your cost of breach by up to 25%.



Ben Cotton, founded CyTech Services, following a 21-year career in the United States Army Special Forces. As part of his military service, Ben developed the digital sensitive site exploitation, computer network attack (CNA), computer network defense (CND) and computer network operations (CNO) capabilities for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). CyFIR LLC, was formed in 2018, and Ben’s Special Forces approach to dealing with these kinds of challenges in a military setting is also applied as the CyFIR team deals with the current cyber challenges facing enterprise markets. 

Get the security you deserve for less.