Digital Forensics for Cyber Resilience for Law Firms

Need evidence in real-time? You don’t have time to wait months for forensic evidence. You needed it yesterday. 

Our CSO, Brian Herr, discusses how you can defend your clients during the following use cases: 

  • Security Investigations
  • Internal/Client Investigations
  • eDiscovery
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Mergers & Acquisitions 

When you’re in the middle of a legal proceeding, time is your enemy. You need evidence quickly but also must make sure it’s forensically sound. With CyFIR eDiscovery happens faster. Our remote searches eliminate the need for agents to travel to the physical sites where documents are located, and our live access eliminates the need for a lengthy document imaging process. CyFIR gathers data in days rather than weeks or months, dramatically reducing your cost of investigation. 

Beat the clock, win the case.



Brian Herr, CyFIR Chief Security Officer

Mr. Herr, is an executive with more than twenty three years of corporate securityIT,  privacy, and service provider experience. In his various roles he has supported over 20 industry verticals most notably in finance, insurance, government, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and cloud. In his most recent role as a Chief Security Officer aCyFIR, Brian continues to expand the technology and services offering while still making time to evangelize on topics of security, compliance, and risk as well as the impact privacy has on modern-day operations for the enterprise and service providers. Brian brings a wide breadth of understanding and expertise in growing internal security landscapes of organizations.